Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)

The expiatory church of the Sagrada Familia, known simply as the Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) is a large Roman Catholic basilica in Barcelona (Spain), designed by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí.

Launched in 1882, is still under construction (January 2012). It is the masterpiece of Gaudí, and the greatest exponent of Catalan modernist architecture.  More than 4 million visit this pleace each year, it is the most visited monument in Spain.

The construction began in the Gothic style, but, assuming the project Gaudí, in 1883, was completely rethought. According to standard procedures, from general sketches of the building construction improvised as he went.  He get in charge of the construction with only 31 years of age, dedicating the rest of his life to its construction, the last fifteen exclusively.

One of his most innovative ideas was the design of high circular conical towers. The temple, when completed, will have 18 towers,  four in each of the three entrances and as a domes mode, will have a system of six towers, with the central dome tower dedicated to Jesus, 170 meters height, and the four around it, dedicated to the evangelists, and one dome dedicated to the Virgin.

Gaudí died in 1926, only one tower was built at that time.  The building project plans were badly damaged during the Spanish Civil War.

This monument is a must see in Barcelona.


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