My adventure in Mallorca

Last summer I spent a whole month exploring the Island of Mallorca. But after a year of hard work, I wanted to spoil myself for a while, before going on my Mallorcan adventure. So I decided to spend the first week of my vacation in Palma the Mallorca.

As soon as my plane landed on the Son Sant Joan International Airport, I caught a cab and went to the villa i have booked on booking mallorca. Because I love the sea, the first thing I wanted to do is go for a swim. Before I left home, I packed my swimming briefs at the top of my luggage. So after checking-in, I grabbed my briefs, and before anything else I went to the closest beach, which is Ca’n Pere Antoni. That’s a really popular beach and I even made a couple of friends, with whom I decided to spend my first night on the island.

The night-life of Palma is just awesome! It combines the traditional fiestas with the modern parties, so I had a wonderful time. All clubs are open till early in the morning during mid-season and the prices are surprisingly convenient. I spend a weekend in Ibiza a couple of years ago, where a drink cost two or three times more than it does in one of Palma’s clubs or pubs. After the first 24 hours on the island I needed a full day of rest and the facilities of the resort I was checked-in were just what I needed.

The next day’s weren’t that wild, i hired a car on Car Hire Mallorca and i went to discover the island. Since I’m a passionate of both architecture and history, I made a list with the major landmarks of the city and started to cross them off one by one. The landmark which impressed me the most is La Seu Cathedral. This gothic masterpiece was built over a mosque, after the fall of the Arab domination, which was built over a Roman temple. The multicultural amalgam of this city is fascinating.

Whenever I got hungry from wondering the streets, I just entered the first restaurant that popped up my way. Let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed at all, not even once. Some people must check on yelp reviews before eating somewhere, but not me. All the food I enjoyed during my stay in Palma was delicious and the prices were fair.

Bottom-line, if you want to have a nice experience in Palma de Mallorca, you must let yourself carried away. This city will take great care of you!

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