Know this before visiting Madrid

Europe is by far the most diverse and culturally rich place you can visit. All across this old continent, tourist are offered numerous attraction that will tell them the stories of the past and give them a glimpse of the future, all that while having the time of their life mingling with the friendliest and most interesting people of the world. One of the best cities for catching the pulse of Europe is Madrid.

Madrid is the capital city of Spain, home to 3.3 million people and one of the richest places on earth when it comes to cultural and historical heritage. But Madrid is more than landmarks and history. In this article you will discover a little more about the city that fascinates millions of tourists every year and you will understand why this location should be a must on your list of places you just have to see in the short time you have on this planet.

Even if Spain is widely consider a country when the sun shines warm all year round, Madrid is situated in the center of the Iberian Peninsula. This position gives it a diversified weather throughout the year, with hot and dry summers and cold frosty winters. If you want to explore the city and not worry about being too hot or too cold, visit Madrid in the spring (April, May) or autumn (September, October).

Madrid is easily reachable by plane, since is the most important city of the peninsula and destination for airlines from all seven continents. In case you are backpacking throughout Europe, Madrid can be reach by train through direct trips either from France or Portugal. Also for the backpackers, Madrid represents a great starting point for an itinerary that includes all major cities of Spain. The transport in Madrid can get crazy during rush hours, so the Metro system is the simplest alternative for exploring the city.

The people of Madrid are not known for their English, and only the younger generations will be able to carry out a conversation in other language than their native one. However, they are really friendly with the tourists, so even if the indications will sound funny, you’ll manage to find help getting around Madrid.

The night life of Madrid is lively and affordable. Since is one of the most popular university destinations, you will be able to party all night long together with Spanish and foreign students and also with other tourists who are looking for a good time. Clubs are opened all night and the local mentality is permissive, so you won’t have troubles if you’re too loud or up till early in the morning.

When it comes to the cultural side of Madrid, so many things can be said that we would could fill the pages of a book trilogy. By the way, you can find landmark guides all across the city, at vendors such: gas stations, newspaper stands, book shops, coffee shops or tourist hotspots. The landmarks you need to remember are the three major plazas (Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor and Mercado de San Miguel) and also the Museum Triangle. The Museum Triangle is another name for a district of the city that’s dedicated to museums and culture. Five major museums can be found in this district, but 15 others are scattered all across the city. When visiting Madrid during peak season, remember to book tickets online, if you want to avoid long lines.

Madrid has too many things to offer, so we can’t talk about all of them in a single post. However, stay tuned to our blog and we’ll let you know more about each and every aspect of the perfect holiday in the very heart of Spain.

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